Coffee Drinks

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Coffee Drinks

Coffee Smoothie

cup brewed espresso or strong coffee, chilled
cup sweetened condensed milk
1 cups ice
1-tablespoon chocolate syrup
Chocolate shavings

Blend the chilled espresso, sweetened condensed milk and ice until smooth.
Pour into a tall glass and top with chocolate syrup and chocolate shavings.
Serve immediately.

Vanilla Latte

Prepare 2 oz expresso shot

Add 2 oz vanilla surup into a cup.

Add the expresso shot, and mix lightly with surup.

Add 12 oz of heated steamed whole milk.

Top with milk cream from the steamed milk.

Frozen Coffee Cooler

6 cups ice cubes
4 cups brewed coffee, cooled
1 cup coffee liqueur
-cup sugar
1-teaspoon ground cinnamon
1-cup half-and-half
Whipped cream for garnish
Ground cinnamon for garnish

Place half amounts of the first 5 ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour in to a large pitcher. Repeat process with the remaining half ingredients. Pour into the pitcher.
Swirl half-and-half into the coffee mixture.
Pour into individual glasses, top with whipped cream and ground cinnamon, and serve immediately.



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